Natural Slimming Supplements

12 April 2021

There are many different aspects to the ‘food – weight’ chain of events and various supplements work on different parts to assist weight loss.


A highly soluble fibre from konjac fruit. As it is soluble, it is taken with a glass of water, resulting in a feeling of fullness and a slow down in the release of carbohydrates in your meal – lowering the glycaemic load.

In 2015, an RCT (Randomised double-blind controlled trial) found that glucomannan produced significant reduction in weight, percentage of body fat and fat mass, with total and LDL cholesterol also showing reductions.

This is also one of the few dietary supplements permitted a weight loss claim under EU law.


Having lowered the glycaemic load, the next logical step is to improve insulin sensitivity. This is where chromium does its work, controlling blood sugar levels, resulting in less sugar and carb cravings.

An RCT has shown that those using chromium ate less, felt less hungry, craved less fat and most importantly lost more weight. Blood sugar is a powerful controller of your appetite.


Another appetite controller is the brain’s level of serotonin – made from 5HTP. It may come as a surprise, but it is backed up by RCT’s, where those taking 5HTP felt more satisfied. It almost helps you to ‘think thin’. RCT results found evidence of eating less carbs and eating less fat, thus reducing the daily intake, resulting in significant weight loss.


A lesser known product which is extracted from the rind of the tamarind fruit. It has been shown to work by slowing down the conversion of sugar into fat. Again, an RCT showed that those taking HCA in a blind trial actually ate less. They didn’t try to eat less or restrict their diet, but they lost an average 1lb extra per week.


Hard evidence is still difficult to find, but indications are that lactobacillus can have a beneficial effect on abdominal fat and BMI.


It is not a case of picking one supplement above all others as they all have their individual actions on particular aspects of our metabolism.

Certainly, glucomannan before meals will reduce hunger and lower glycaemic load. It is well worth taking chromium and 5HTP also so that you are addressing more than one aspect.