Lengthen your Telomeres, Lengthen your Life!

29 September 2020

Each cell in our body has a limited life span, and is routinely replaced by new cell. This involves the division of a chromosome as it copies our DNA to form a new cell.

At the end of the chromosome is a tiny speck called a telomere, which protects the chromosome. An analogy would be the little hard bit at the end of a shoelace!

As cells continue to copy throughout our life, the telomeres become shorter… until it is too short to protect our DNA. So our cells stop dividing and are not replicated anymore, which then leads to cell death and as a result, rapid and increased ageing.

Hence, the length of your telomeres is a good prediction of your healthy lifespan! People with serious disease conditions will have shorter telomeres.

So the issue is – what helps to lenghten our telomeres?

Nobel prize winner Professor Elizabeth Blackburn (University of California) is the world authority and her adivce includes:

  • Reduce stress: People with prolonged stress and dealing with stressful situations, for example caring for a sick child or family member with dementia, have shortened telomeres.

Here I can testify to this myself, having been a main carer for my late wife – I know I was ageing rapidly at that time. When renewing my passport recently the difference in physical appearance was evident.

  • Sleep well: The better you sleep the longer your telomeres, 7 hours a night being optimal.
  • Exercise: It reduces stress and therefore leads to longer telomeres. Even those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders – if they exercise, they don’t have the usual telomere shortening.
  • Don’t smoke and stay slim – Obesity and smoking are both associated with telomere shortening.
  • Use Omega 3 and Vitamin D: Again, both backed up by studies.
  • Lower homocysteine: B6, B12 and Folic Acid are known to control this, as well as TMG (Trimethylglycine). These are all conveniently found in a product called Homocysteine Modulators.
  • Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  • Take Multivitamins

It is now clear that optimum nutrient intake controls the right genes but also lengthens your healthy life by enabling more cell division and longer telomeres.

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